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Do you want all your club fees for FREE?

Here is some information that was described in depth at the Returning Varsity Members planning meeting last Thursday night.

  1. Dues will be going up to $175.00 for this year.

  2. If you participate in your schools OPEN HOUSE, you will receive a $25.00 credit to your dues payment. Meaning, you will only have to pay $150.00, which was the amount of last years dues. To receive your credit, you must supply proof of your attendance at the OPEN HOUSE. You can't just say you were there!!! It is important that recruiting new athletes to your school's team be put in the hands of team members and parents for future viability of your school's bowling program. In the next couple of days, you need to get with your school to find out when the open house is, get permission to set up a table, get flyers, get a sign up list, and actually talk to students about high school bowling. Included in the sign up list should be name and email address of the student who is interested in more information. That list should be turned into Whitewood ASAP. Talk to as many students as you can and get them to come to the Preview on September 9th. The more students you have on your team, the better your team will be....

  3. This year we have sponsorship opportunities for businesses. Below is a picture of the sponsorship flyer. If you know any businesses that might be interested, there is a downloadable flyer at the bottom of this page that you can print, fill out and collect a check for the amount requested. Bring the completely filled out flyer and the check (made out to WTHSBC) to Whitewood and we will contact the business owner about getting their logo.

  4. For every $500.00 or more sponsorship you sell, you will receive incentives.

- First $500.00 sponsorship - you will get your dues for FREE

- Second $500.00 sponsorship - you will get Boot Camp for FREE

- Third $500.00 sponsorship - you will get to choose a new bowling ball for FREE

To receive the incentives, amounts have to be in $500.00 increments or more, so a $300.00 Match Day Cup sponsorship or 14" X 14" Backdrop Logo at $400.00 would not qualify for the incentive by themselves, but combined they would qualify ($700.00). There are expenses with all of these sponsorships and we must make sure all the expenses are paid, plus make room for money to go to the booster club before we can justify the incentive.

Sponsorships will be due on October 7th, 2023, before Evaluation Day.

This is going to be a great year and the Booster Club will be much more involved than ever before. With all of us working together, we can make this club the envy of the entire country. We have great students and awesome parents. Let's do this...better than ever!!!

Sponsorship Flyer2
Download PDF • 4.19MB

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