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2023 WTHSBC Pre-Registration

Graduation Year
How many years have you been in high school bowling including 2022-2023 season?



For and in consideration of my son/daughter’s participation on the High School Bowling Team, the undersigned parent/guardian agrees as follows:

1) I consent to my son/daughter’s participation in the High School Bowling Club.

2) I and my son/daughter assume any, and all risk known and unknown, associated with      such activity including transportation to and from the events and practice.

3) I understand that my son/daughter’s participation on the High School Bowling Team          involves the risk of injury to my son/daughter, whether caused by my son/daughter or      something or someone else. In consideration for being allowed to participate in this          activity, I and my son/daughter (Releasing Party) agree that the school district, its            employees, coaches, and related organizations; the sponsoring bowling center and          theTexas Bowling Centers Association; and all adult leaders (Released Parties) will          not be liable for any injury, including, without limitation, bodily or emotional injury, loss,      or damage of any kind to my son/daughter or myself. The Releasing Party releases          the Released Parties of and from any and all liability from this activity resulting from          the negligence, strict liability, or other fault of the Released Parties and covenant not        to sue Released Parties in the event of any injury or loss in association with my                son/daughter’s participation on the High School Bowling Team.


4) I authorize the designated person in authority to approve and authorize emergency          medical treatment to my child in the absence of the parent/guardian should it become      necessary.


5) I understand that my son/daughter, coaches, and all spectators will abide by all                bowling centers’ policies. Policies may include the wearing of facemasks at all times to      stop the spread of communicable diseases. Any medical waivers any THSBC or                center’s policies must be provided in writing from a licensed medical physician.


6) I understand that the Texas High School Bowling Club (THSBC) requires that all              students be academically eligible, according to UIL standards, to compete in Club            competition. A school sponsor should be appointed by the school principal, who shall      ensure that each student is academically eligible. If the school does not provide a            sponsor for this task, then I authorize a designated person in authority to check my          child’s grades to ensure that he/she is fully academically eligible.


7) I certify that my child lives with me or other legal guardian inside the school district          attendance zone. I understand that falsification of this statement will result in team            forfeiture of all team wins and that my child will be removed for the THSBC program          with no refund of fees paid.


8) I understand that no alcoholic beverages may be consumed, nor tobacco be used at        any practice, match, or other THSBC sponsored activity.

9) I hereby grant THSBC, or its affiliated organizations permission to publish images,            videos, and the name of my child on their website, association newsletter, social              media, or promotional videos. I have read and understand this document and                    voluntarily enter into it. 

By signing this form, I am granting WTHSBC my permission to check my student's grade eligibility with the School Districts Administration Office to ensure participation eligibility as specified in Article 8 of the Bylaws.

I have read the Bylaws of WTHSBC and THSBC and consent and agree to all the rules set forth in that document.  Those rules can be found on this website and are publicly posted. 

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Parent Commitment

The success of WTHSBC for this year and for years to come has to come from parent involvement.  We have coaches and volunteers that donate their time, but don't have students involved in the program, so it becomes difficult for them to attend every club function.  WE MUST HAVE PARENTS WHO ARE INVOLVED.

Select an item ($)

Thanks for registering.

Payment Information - We have Registration and Evaluation Fee of $15.00 that must be paid by October 7th to get started.  Club dues for 2023-24 season are $175.00 for the whole season if paid upfront. We have a payment plan option of $80 in October due October 10th, $60.00 due on November 7th and $45 due on December 5th which totals $185.00.  Credit Card Payments must be paid on the website at, but Cash and Checks can be made in person.

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