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WTHSBC Members Place High at USBC Texas State Tournament

The United States Bowling Congress or USBC is, for now, the governing body for bowling in the US and influences bowling around the world. Each State has its own USBC Chapter as well as regions and cities have their own chapters. Every year states put on a state tournament for Men, Women and Youth divisions of the USBC. Texas USBC held their state youth tournament from June 11th through June 26th.

West Texas High School Bowling Club had several participants. ***By the way*** The only way to participate in the Texas USBC State Tournament is to be a member and the way you become a member is to participate in a youth league. It is a great way to get some extra practice time and extra coaching. Whitewood has a league at 10AM Saturday mornings.

The following are the WTHSBC participants and how they did a State (Forgive me if I miss someone):

I cannot announce Team Standings, because I do not know who was one these teams.

Doubles, Division 1 = Highest Division

42nd – Joysbeliz Reyes-Solano (Frenship)/ Enairys Diaz (Lubbock High)

77th – Noah Narbaez (Lubbock High)/ Jaxon Witt (Lubbock-Cooper)

79th – Kaylee McCleery (Alumni Frenship)/ Taylan McCleery (Frenship)

90th – Coy Dickson (Alumni Frenship)/ Carlos Estrada (Alumni Coop)

96th – Holly Redfearn/ Mikayla Bumpus (Coop)

Double, Division 2

6th – River Diseker (Lubbock High) / Tori Berger (Coop)

63rd – Holly Redfearn/ Logan Gonzales (Lubbock High)

Doubles, Division 3

19th – Avey Mitchelle (Lubbock Cooper)/ Rebecca Wilson (Lubbock Cooper)

46th – Brad Baker (Alumni Coop)/ Corbin Summerford

Singles, Division 1 Boys = Highest Division

39th – Noah Narbaez (Lubbock High)

68th – Taylan McCleery (Frenship)

77th – Carlos Estrada (Alumni)

78th – Jaxon Witt (Lubbock Cooper)

90th – Coy Dickson (Frenship)

Singles, Division 2 Girls – Highest Division

1st – Tori Berger (Coop)

32nd – Enairys Diaz (Lubbock High)

44th – Kaylee McCleery (Alumni Frenship)

49th – Joysbeliz Reyes Solano (Frenship)

53rd – Mikayla Bumpus (Coop)

Singles, Division 3 Boys

44th – Brad Baker (Alumni Coop)

Singles, Division 4 Girls

19th – Rebecca Wilson (Lubbock Cooper)

Singles, Division 5 Boys

18th – River Diseker (Lubbock High)

Singles, Division 6 Girls

30th – Avey Mitchell (Lubbock Cooper)

The last category is All Events and it is the most coveted. Placing in All Events means you were consistent over the 3 games in Team, 3 games in Doubles and the 3 games in Singles. All nine games are added together to form an All Events total.

All Events, Div 1 Boys = Highest Division

56th – Noah Narbaez (Lubbock High)

65th – Taylan McCleery (Frenship)

67th – Jaxon Witt (Lubbock Cooper)

73rd – Carlos Estrada (Alumni)

87th – Coy Dickson (Alumni Frenship)

All Events, Div 2 Girls = Highest Division

1st – Tori Berger (Coop)

26th – Enairys Diaz (Lubbock High)

32nd – Kaylee McCleery (Alumni Frenship)

45th – Joysbeliz Reyes Solano (Frenship)

64th – Mikayla Bumpus (Coop)

All Events, Div 3 Boys

60th – Brad Baker (Alumni)

All Events, Div 4 Girls

23rd – Rebecca Wilson (Lubbock Cooper)

All Events, Div 5 Boys

20th – River Diseker (Lubbock High)

All Events, Div 6 Girls

17th – Avey Mitchell

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