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Junior Bowling Tour (JBT)

WTHSBC showed out very well during the first couple of events in this summer.

Starting with the JBT here in Lubbock. On Saturday April 23rd, Tori Berger (WT Co-op Team) took first place in her very first JBT in the Handicap Division and 4th in girls scratch winning $350 in scholarship money. River Diseker (Lubbock High) took 3rd Place winning $150 in scholarship money. Other WTHSBC Members: Rebecca Wilson (17th), Koleton Mennel (22nd), Mikayla Bumpus (26th), Joysbeliz Reyes-Solano (31st), Jerry Washington, Brad Baker, Austin Florez, Enairys Diaz, Logan Mennel.

In the scratch division, Alumni Carlos Estrada got 4th, Noah Narbaez (Lubbock High) got 6th, Taylan McCleery (Frenship) got 8th, Coy Dickson (Frenship) got 12th, Kaylee McCleery (Frenship) got 14th.

On Sunday April 24th, Rebecca Wilson (Lubbock-Cooper) bowled her heart out in a 4th place finish in the handicap division, but it was Brekton Crouch (Idalou) who was the best finisher for WTHSBC receiving 2nd Place and $200 Scholarship.

Other WTHSBC finishers in the handicap division; Joysbeliz Reyes-Solano (Frenship) 6th, Enairys Diaz (Lubbock High) 12th, Avey Mitchell (Lubbock-Cooper) 14th, Koleton Mennel 19th, Austin Florez, Tori Berger, DJ Cortez, Jaxon Witt, River Diseker

In the Scratch Division, Noah Narbaez was our highest finisher in 12th with Taylan McCleery, Adan Florez, Kaylee McCleery, Carlos Estrada and Coy Dickson also participating.

On Saturday May 21st, many WTHSBC members traveled to Albuquerque to bowl the JBT at Silva Lanes. Noah Narbaez got 11th in the scratch division. Koleton Mennel, Tori Berger and Rebecca Wilson also bowled in the event.

On Sunday May 22nd was the Mountain Region Invitational. To qualify, you had to be top 4 in any JBT event or be in the top 32 in points. This was a duel pattern tournament and it was extremely difficult. We had a few participants. Scratch Division we had Carlos Estrada (Alumni) and Noah Narbaez (Lubbock High). Carlos bowled very well at got 4th place in the region. In the handicap division we had Rebecca Wilson (Lubbock-Cooper), Tori Berger (WT Co-op), River Diseker (Lubbock High), and Brekton Crouch (Idalou). Rebecca Wilson was our top finisher in 7th place. Rebecca has only been back bowling for a year and she really bowled well under some very tough conditions. Tori Berger was leading the tournament after the first game and was in second place after 2 games, but just could not hold on to make the cut.

I am so proud of all the bowlers who gave the Junior Bowling Tour a try this year. Next year we need more WTHSBC bowlers to take a crack at some tough bowling. It will only make you better.

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